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'' ~~ Hello and welcome to the site! We are GLAD to help you and others out with questions, problems, concerns and more! Here on this amazing, friendly site you will learn about the ways of Shifting and the ways of Animals.

Each person here has a meaning to the site, doing better then before. We are no joke! We are 100% true! We will do what ever we can to help you and make sure you do well in your journey of Shifting.

If you are new to the idea... Don't worry. People around the site will give you tips and ideas to help you along your way! Don't let the doubt get to you though, that's one of the main things that keep you from shifting! 

There is only one way to be able to shift and that is to be born as one. We are born as human but a past life of the animal, creature, etc! Being Bitten is not really a way to become one. Actually there is no way unless you have a spell or were born as one. 

Come on in and join the site where fun and a trail of mysteries lay before you! ~~

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