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'The Awakening.' Phew, that's a big word isn't it? Don't worry or be afraid, we're here to show you what it is! Most of you have already done this first step. What is it exactly? 'The Awakening' is when you realize that you actually are different from other people because you have an animal or other creature inside of you (or, simply, your soul is different from a human soul.)


It can happen like this- BOOM- one day some event wakes you up and you realize everything one in one mad rush or it can happen slower.  You can start to notice that you have a strong and random connection to an animal that you don't necessarily feel fascinated by. Then, you may start to ask yourself some questions about your identity and eventually, you come to a conclusion (after noticing many things strange about your behavior, reflexes, ways to act and think) that something is different with you .


It depends on each person. Every experience is personal and different. For some and a good many, it may take years to realize and accept they are different. But for some others , it happens very soon in their life. The average age to awake is at the begining-middle of teenagehood (It usually begins at age twelve.)


In rare cases, some people feel that they are born like this and always knew about their animal/otherkin side. In even more rare cases, some of them even remember their past life/lives and are totally sure that they always have been this animal /other kin. But like I said, these cases are rare.


The last cases, like me, awakened around the teenagehood and remember at least one past life. This is a more frequent case among therianthropy.  


Some people doubt that they are therian but they still come on this site and wonder about who they are. Guys, if you are on a therian site and that you feel like you fit in, it is  because you ARE a therian, were, etc. Never doubt it. (For some, they may not feel like they fit in but that is more of a self security rather than a wondering of who you are.) 


Now, I won't talk about cases of people who are genetically born to be werewolves because one or both of parents/ grand/parents were like this. This subject is a debate among therianthropy about who can shift and who can't depending of the purity of the blood percentage. There are too many different opinions about it so I won't make any conclusion.


I'll just give my opinion here. I have a friend who shifts a lot ( physical shift ) and none of their parents are werewolves. So personally, I'm pretty sure that not having were blood doesn't prevent you to shift, as long as you are a therian and have an animal soul. But once again, it's my opinion here. So don't fret about being a were, as long as you can establish a connection then you've got a pathway straight to achieving your goals.


Notice- you can not  become a were through being bitten, spells, furs or anything of the type.  SHIFTING ONLY WORKS WITH HUGE PRACTICE AND EFFORTS TO BECOME YOUR ANIMAL ( IF YOU ARE AN ANIMAL/OTHERKIN ALREADY ) So, don't ask anyone to bite you because for one- it won't work, and for seconds- you will be seen as a roleplayer or faker. Sorry to tell you this, but we prefer to be honest. Keep in mind: Shifting is not for everyone. It is not something you become because its "cool." You are born this way and you have this animal inside you since the beginning. You can't '' become '' a therian or were. You are or you are not.



I guess now that you are asking yourself: '' But how do I know if I'm one anyway...? ''


There are two answers for that :



2.You already know you are one but you doubt and you want to make sure you are already one because you are new to this therianthropy thingy.


There can be many symptoms :


-  You can feel constantly different and alone from others and you don't know why really (or you do)

- You feel '' super-human." As if you always knew you weren't only human

- You can have weird thoughts or randomly know things that most don't (almost like a 6th sense) and/or have a difficulty to socialize

-  Weird instincts and reflexes such as '' whining, roaring, growling ,'' acting like an animal or feeling a connection with them

-You have strange supernatural occurrences with the dead

- You are often drawing an animal and you feel strong connections with a particular creature or animal

- you are looking for answers on the net and you found our site 


There are more signs but those are just a few basic ideas. 

So, what's your conclusion? Are you a therian/otherkin/were/shifter? Who are you deep down on the inside?



-If you have questions about if you doubt being a therian or not, please contact an admin or moderators, or other members on the chat. Here is a '' contact us '' box. Just fullfill it.



- Silverblack -

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