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Its not a different entity from you, its your soul. but your soul went into your human body before you are born and your actual body and brain restrein your soul to act like a human, think like a human. Some may not agree with the  '' this is you and not a different entity thing '' but this is a reality. The reason why some people feel like they are a different entity from their animal side is because they have a hard time accepting their animal side and they make of it a double personality like i did. It is possible to actually communicate with your animal spirit because until you aren't completely one with it, you will a Split minds soul : Animal and Human side.With time,this spirit will become you again and it will be hard to communicate with it. You may panic but don't. If you can't hear your animal side someday, it means this day ( or all the days that this happens ), you were one with your animal side.  

In order to be and communicate with your animal side, wich is you, you just need to put away your human toughts and instincts and to switch minds. What i mean by that is you have to be relax, to not think in word but in images.  words are a human thing. You need to tale information on how your animal thinks in order to find yourself again. Think and feel like your animal.You already have this in you but without knowing it, you are blocking it because you are actually human and the human is fighting the animal back.This is is why most people think their spirit animal is a  different entity from them. 

Its like a never ending fight in your body. Your soul is trying to fight the human reasonning and doubts and to become itself. On the other side, your human brain is telling you : '' this is all crap ! be rational and stop to believe in such stupidities ! '' Never listen to that voice. You know who you are , what you are. All you need to do now is to believe in yourself.You need to go search this animal spirit, to get his name, specy, personality and everything and to become one with it. Unlock the beast.

            Since your childhood, You learned to be and act like a human because this is your specie and your speccy is teaching you how to become a decent human and to live in society. It also doesn,t care about the real you and wants you to think like everyone, to do like everyone. They want you to have a car, a house, children and job. All they want is for you to fit in and have a normal life. That's what I call conditioning. No one is free, we are all bound to human society and we have responsabilities. The governement owns you and that makes us feel sad in a way because we will never feel free.

 The thing is, this real you is the one you is inside your soul. What you need to do is to '' undo '' your human '' conditioning '' and learn to re-condionnate yourself to become what you are really inside.

you learn and grew up enough to  learn to know yourself  better . So now just do it. Try to learn more about yourself more, that and your animal side. Both sides are important because Shifting, as therian stuff, turns around balance between the animal and human side and that is what you need to learn to deal with.

Trust your instinct and to seek into the deepest of your soul to know yourself better. No one else knows better than you do, even internet sites, other people, documentaries, etc. All therians are different from actual animals because they don't need to survive in the nature, they need to survive in a human society. We are special, yes and we must be conscious of that and accept it. It is normal to be different from others and with time, it will easier to accept. Even if you feel sad or depressed because you can't be in nature, never despair. With years, you'll learn how to deal with this animal feeling of '' freedom desire '' and eventually you will get over it, or not. If you don'tm you  will just try to fit in and compensate by going to run into the nature sometimes and even maybe physical shift to make yourself feel even more free.   

during the process of '' re-conditioning '' , you may discover instincts or reflexes you had inside and didn't know about. Example, wolves whine when they are hurt and growl when they are angry. You may do these things without being able to control it because you just started to realize your animal side. That's what I call '' Unlocking the beast ''.

you need to accept the change and to mind yourself to be always both like your animal and human, not just human because everything is about balance.  Its gonna be hard at the begining  but it will come more naturally with time. Do your animal specie's stuff. First step is to be conscious of your animal soul inside and to take information on the animal to help yourself understanding how think s and acts your animal side.  Feel your animal soul, it has a strong energy hidden under your skin. You can feel it, this energy when you '' unlock the beast ''  and doing that takes patience, time and a big will. Because its freaky and you have to go through sad moments of strongs desires to be your animal.Plus, you won't be able to control some of your animal instincts while doing this.  

If you are a beginner at it, this is how you should process to help yourself having this animal mind of yours.Close your eyes, relax. try to feel your animal, his energy and everything. you may feel strange, warm and have pulsions to kill or somthing like that (mostly your animal desires ) these are all normal things you need to go through with the process. always bring a picture  or something that make your think of your animal side.Find inspiration through documentaries, internet, pictures,videos,music,even video games and all the things that can inspire you to be your animal. Movies really help me, they are actually make me want to shift so bad ! Hehe. Inspiration is part of the second step and is really important in order to be able to be yourself and to shift later if it is your desire.  BELIEVE and BE, BELIEVE AND YOU'LL SEE.  

Ok now guys.Thiis is a no-return point so think about it twice before wanting to change into your animal mind or body, or both. 

This is not a game, we aren't in twilight movie or some RPG forum.This is reality and there are consequences to your acts. Being a therian/were is really hard because you have a hard time fiting into the society and no one but the other therians/were will understand you and how you think. Oh also, please do not show off and tell all your friends and family your secret because most of them will not believe you and may take a huge distance from you. This is not FUN. My  own parents betrayed my secret and sent me to psychiatric hospital because they were scared of my secret. I told them everything, that I was a werewolf and all because my animal conditionning was going really far and i was acting like my wolf all the time. I didn't want them to be scared and I told them. NEVER DO THAT. NEVER NEVER NEVER. You can only tell your best friends because no one will believe you. This is a hard reality to believe in. This is you and your secret. No one else but the ones you feel they can be trusted and need to know can know about your secret.

The next video will help you to communicate with your animal side. By the way, there are allusions to hell and heaven. If you aren't a christian and have another religion or none, never mind about this part of the video. Therianthropy isn't a religion and isn't related to any religion. It's just a video I found. If you need more information, I'll make written  tutorials to communicate with your animal side.

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