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**** Before you read this article and go farther, make sure that you read all the pages in '' how to shift '' including the page '' animal re-conditioning '' page itself. thanks**  . *****



This is where you shut down your humanity completely to be able to let your animal taking over you. This is what lead you to the next step, wich will be '' switching minds ''.


Why shutting down your humanity and what does it mean exactly   ? Simple.


Shutting down your humanity is to forget everything you learned as a human and to shut down all your human toughts, thinking and behavior.

What is it for ? Shutting down your human side will help you to be more spiritually open to let your animal side taking over you and then, you will start to think and to feel like your animal.


It may sound hard but it's actually the easiest step. The problem with this step is that people can be scared or impatient to experiment it. In both cases, it is important to follow the steps carefully and to take it easy.


During your journey, you can write a diary with your progress in it but make sure no ones find it. Having a diary helps a lot to know where you are , what you suceeded and what you need to do next. It is to help you to have some order in your life.




Ok let's go !


You can shut down at home, in public or in a secret place of yours where you are alone.








In order to shut down, you need to relax. Some people  love to meditate and to use complicated methods of relaxation. It is highly recommanded but far from being required.


To shut down, you only need to relax a bit and to learn to control yourself.


How I do it is that I close my eyes for a moment, like if i wanted to shut down the humain brain and when I re-open my eyes, I imagine that I am now in my animal mind.


Try to feel your animal energy, it's like a strong unknown energy near the belly and it makes you feel warm, different.  Once you feel your animal and energy well, shut down all toughts and calm down. Focus on animality. 


Now try to imagine your animal in the darkness of your head ( eyes closed ).Try to imagine that it comes to you and takes your place. Look at it in its eyes and let it come to you. When you will open your eyes again, you will start to feel different. It is normal.


But in order to be better during the practice, you will need to become an expert of your animal. Get as much information as you can get on it through the net, books, animal documentaries and other stuff.


GETTING AS MUCH AS INFORMATION AS YOU CAN ON YOUR ANIMAL IS A MUST. You will need to know everything to be able to know what you will go through, to understand your instincts more and to be less afraid of it. It will also help you to control it. You will also discover what makes your animal happy and what doesn't make it happy.


When you shut down, forget everything about being a human and accept the fact that you will eventually let your animal taking over you.


You can use auto-hypnosis videos to relax on youtube if you have a hard time shutting down your brain and toughts. But no need to do hours of meditation.


It was useless to me.


You will know that you are ready to go farther when you will start to feel your animal and instincts, energy etc and that you ain't scared of it anymore.


you will also know that your ANIMAL is ready when you will be able to get in touch with it by talking to it ( telepathy, or just to talk to yourself to get in touch with your animal instead of your human side ).


But be warned, animals don't talk with words and you may not hear it in words, but more in feelings, energy, intentions.


You won't hear it talking to you with words. If you do, it means you are imagining your animal speaking. Animals don't speak with words.


After all this is a success for you and that you are ready emotionall to get farther, then go ahead but be careful.


The next step has no return point. It's permanent so be sure you want to reach that step.


good luch with everything ! And once again, if you have questions, post Under to send comments.



xxxx Silver



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