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Switching mind is the second step to reach the Mental shift ( when your mind becomes your animal completely or partially ).I'll explain the difference between '' shutting down '' and '' Switching minds '' :


1. See this as if you were turning off a light in your head. When you do, it is dark, you realize it scares you ,that you are alone, that there is a beast in the dark that wants to reach you but you are scared or fascinated.


2. Then, the beast comes to you and catches you to take over you. It is not a fight, it more like if you are changing place with it.


3. Finally, you turn on the light again, and you see clearly ( and blurry because you are your true self for the first time and it's blinding your path a bit because everything is so new to you ).

Well, turning on the light is the mental shifting you want to reach at the end .But, before that, you need to go through the work that will help you to reach the beast inside you, to overcome your fear and let it come to you with a lot of practice and exercice. Why exercices? Because to reach your animal, you simply need to do stuff related to it. Because when you will practice and repeat these exercices, they will reach your subconscious ( with time ) and eventually, you will be able to go farther, to the next step, wich is Mental Shifting.

How to Switch minds ?

Before performing this step, please understand what is the concept of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

In psychology, the subconscious is the part of consciousness that is not currently in focal awareness. The word subconscious is an anglicized version of the French subconscient as coined by the psychologist Pierre Janet, who argued that underneath the layers of critical thought functions of the conscious mind lay a powerful awareness that he called the subconscious mind.[1] Because there is a limit to the information that can be held in conscious focal awareness, a storehouse of one's knowledge and prior experience is needed; this is the subconscious. ( wikipedia )


The Sm, as I see it, is a really powerful weapon that can be used by you or against you. Our brain is mostly undiscovered and it contains a lot of hidden mysteries and powers. Some people use the sm for sessions of hypnosis. They control people's subconscious to make you act or say the things they want you to do and say.

Practicing the Animal conditioning is about the same procedure but in your case, YOU are the one controlling your own subconscious.How? By doing repetitive exercices to reach your beast more and more often with time and practice. There are no BIG secret to shift! It is all in you , you need to uncage the beast inside you and to let it take over you. With time, your animal thinking and behavior will save automatically into your DNA coding. It feels a bit like if a human is learning a new habit or carrier : it comes with practice and someday it becomes easy, more machinal and natural.

But to do this, you need to fight your human side to give a lil room to your animal side, to set it free.

For this , you will need time and repetitive practice. And, one day, your will be, act and think all naturally like your animal. You will develop behaviors, new ways of thinking, stronger senses and even maybe a bigger sensibility to the energy around you, the spiritual world. Many therians experiment paranormal events such as nightmares or ghosts manifestations. Others experiment posessions ( but i will talk about it later ). You can also experiment nothing abnormal and adaptate to your new '' you '' very easily. Every person is different and has personal experiences.

First, Get Information and Inspiration !

- Information : Don't forget that anytime, anywhere, you need to get as much information on the behavior, on the anatomy and the habitat of your animal specie and to re-read it again and again to not forget it. As you become more informed, you will understand yourself more and more and you will feel like you '' fit '' a lot with this animal. You need this to understand your animal and to more in touch with your wild side. It will prepare you to the future changes during the '' switching minds '' process.

You can find information on Internet, through movies, tv shows, documentaries, books, etc.

- Inspiration : Oh well, it helps to have a little inspiration to get into your '' animal mood ''. Listen to some music that inspires you of your animal side, look at some pictures and bring your animal picture everywhere ( it can be your cellphone background ). We have also an '' inspiration section '' on Silver pack where you can find titles of Movies, video games, tv shows, documentaries, there are shifting pictures too ( some are fake some are real, be careful and build your own opinion ), titles of books etc. Have fun with this. The more you do '' animal stuff '' of your animal specie, of course, your animal side will be happier and come to you more and more closer, more often.

2. Second, do DAILY EXERCICES to practice and to repeat :

-In public : You can react, think and look through your animal eyes and still look human and no one will notice what you are doing. Imagine that your sense are more intense ( hearing, smelling, etc ) like an animal. Try to think like an animal and depending on how your animal would react, let it react to your environment.

Example, a human would yell at someone who is angry but a wolf would growl. Try to '' change back '' your behavior to your animal behavior.

You can do this without really doing it, if it embarasses you. Just '' think '' of doing it and it's really enough, but it needs to become a reflex to think tha way. Anyway you get what I mean.

Observe, react, think like your animal, try to be conscious of all the sounds, the colors ( what they inspire you as feelings) , try to think in images, energy, feelinfs and sounds because animals don,t think in words and experiment the world differently then we do. We use our eyes and touch, they use their senses to smell, to feel the energy. Most of them don't need their eyes most of the time.

An animal is really different from a human. An animal is impulsive, it REACTS, it doesn't really think or analyse. It only reacts by '' instinct ''. Do that, think like that.

-At home : You can do meditation exercices in your bed ( if you wish ) , or go into the nature to do what I told you above ( in public ) there. Meditation isn't required but helps a bit. You can act like your animal with people who knows and accept you, but not the others. They might want to take you to an asylum. I made the mistake to talk about my secret to my mom and she betrayed me. She sent me there, to hell. Keep that secret for you and your best friends, no one else. Find a lover that will accept you the way you are and that will understand and accept that you need to do animal stuff to be happy.

Act like an animal, play with your pets, roar, howl, do animal sounds, have fun! Watch movies, etc. Do everything that inspires you at home, talk to your other therian friends on Silver pack! They will tell you more about the symptoms and how they experimented it. 



You may experiment a few or many of it :



- Your Behavior becomes more '' animal ''

- Emotions issues ( anger issues, depression etc )

- Strong desire to p-shift ( to become your animal physically )

- A few physical symptoms ( bone snapping, twitching, feeling warm, heat on your neck )

- Confusion, dizziness, shivers

- More sensibility to the paranormal or just the energy around you

- More intense senses ( better sense of touching, smelling, hearing , seeing etc. )

- etc.

All of the symptoms you can get usually get more intense with time and practice. I f you have a hard time dealing with your animal, sadness, anger or other issues, please contact us or the members in the chat, they could help you <3. We are a pack remember ;)


The ultimate goal of '' switching minds '' , wich is a conditioning procedure that you get to become more '' animal '', is to mental shift. Mental shifting is the simple concept of being ONE with your animal side and this is also where you find the balance between both animal and human side.

Once you are one with your animal mind, you can control when you want to '' switch '' mind with your animal at will and eventually, you will be able to begin to practice Physical shifting, wich is  becoming your animal physically.


When you feel ready, beging your practice and apply everything in this article. When you have the symptoms and are 100000000% sure that you are ready to go to mental shifting practice, make sure you are a master at controling your instincts at will etc. because it is not a step to jump.

If you feel ready at last, go to the next step/page : 3.3 Mental shifting. This is the last step before practicing to reach your final destination, your dream! Physical shifting is not so far, Don't give up and practice DAILY!


With all my heart – Silverblack - xxxx

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