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Now, you succeeded what I told you to be '' steps of the shifting procedure ''. There are no official steps of shifting but therians need words to understand and have some landmarks to find themselves through this scary wordl that is shifting. There are a lot of these ways to bond with your animal side and we all experience it in a different way. Akhi is right, you can't teach someone to be a therian, but I say you can help them being closer to their own animal side by giving them your own experience of living.

 Stop thinking about all these technical terms and even when you are writing this shifting diary of yours. Don't focus on the words, only on the result. This world of ours is full of surprises and unexpected events will happen so you may be lost in your journey.

It may be doubts, early p-shift or else. So don't mind a lot about the words, there were only landmarks

But listen, there is two things that are undeniably working, the ultimate answers to your questions. It it not a way to shift, it is some hint that will make you understand the real meaning of being a therian/shifter. You will understand. 

If you are on this actual page because this is where you are in your progresses, then congratulation my friend, you are really close to your goal ! You are now bound with your animal. What's next will depend on how you will feel about it. Will you be scared ? Are you ready to accept the consequences ? Or will they come anyway ? ;) 

 If you are, then jump on the next page. 

All of your answers are there.  Go on ! And good luck !

-silverblack - 

All of your answers are there.  

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