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This title is clear like water. Information and inspiration...but for why ? That is the question.


In order to p-shift or just to get close from your animal, you need to shut down your human toughts and instincts to let your animal side taking over. This is what I call '' switching minds '' to be your animal mind instead of your animal.

Blaze called it mental-shift but I think it is a  litlte bit confusing word because you can't really understand the real meaning of this word. What is to be an animal in your head ? You can't '' m-shift '' if you don't already know how it feels like.

What I mean is, you can't really know how it feels to run on four legs if you never did that before. So you can't technically mental shift if you don't know how it already feels like.


So for now you can only '' shut down '' your humanity a few times a week, every week  to slowly tame the concept of '' switching minds '' with your animal mind.


The shutting down Process is really important because it is the step where you explore your animal, where you accept your animality and you learn to trust your instincts, to learn to know your animal better, etc. You will also experiment your animal behavior and understand it better. A lot of people fear what they will do when they will p-shift for the first time and that's a reason why a lot of people fear and don't shift.


So take it slow. In order to be able to be completely your animal in both mental and physical state, you need to get through steps. And the first one is to succeed '' mental shifting '', wich is done through time and work.


If you uderstand this article and has no question on it, you can now go to the first step of '' mental shifting'' wich is '' shut down ''.


You can find it linked to the '' how to shift '' - > '' 2. Animal re-conditioning -> 2.1 Shut down


Don't jump steps because it can be injurious to your shifting journey, it can even be confusing or dangerous.

So please follow the steps carefully.


DISCLAIMER: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if someone makes the choice to physical shift and to test my methods. If followed, there are no risks of injuries of mental problems. So i will not take the  blame if you did it all wrong and went nut.


Just follow the STEPS in order and take your time.


Shifting won't happen in a week. It can take a year or two easily so relax and be patient.


xxx silver



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