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 Last night around 3:00am I was just sitting here think, talking to Craven, and half paying attention to the National Geographic channel playing. It began to talk about how weather is when the atmosphere attempts to balance out temperature and air pressure and that got me thinking. I was reading an essay by Ketrino about how she balances out her human self and her wolf self with M-Shifts.The wolf (cat, bear, dog wolverine, coyote, fox, etc) will always be there, no matter what it will always be with you.

When you first came here it was probably recessed, very tiny to the point of rarely noticing. As you shifted it began to get stronger, Blaze says that if you shift too much then you will PNR. PNR is when balance is not acheived. You must always have part of your human and part of your wolf. 

I hate being a human. I would also hate being a wolf. So, instead we are both. Right now of course, I am mostly human but all of us who actually want to shift on here's goal is the middle. Where we can we both.

They also talked about solar flare, and how it happens when magnetic field get entangled and snap in order to get free. But what it the field was entangled and just stayed still. Would it matter? Why must it be free, it in other words "kills" itself while snapping in order to get freedom. Even things which are not alive which to be free, and how can we acheive freedom ? 

With balance.

So, what I'm trying to say is that many of you wish to be animals, but the people who are truly weres are those who have acheived the butter in the middle, in between human and were animal. You say

you would, but you wouldn't happy as an animal, and you wouldn't be happy as a human. 

We need both.

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