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The second of my theories is sort of stating the obvious but here it goes :


Well, the most common and famous example of humans fearing things they dont understand is the case of ghosts. Ghosts as most of you know are the disembodied spirits or souls of dead people. Now seeing a ghost usually 99% of the time causes extreme fright or uncomfortableness.

Why is this so ? Shouldn't seeing a dead person walking around bring us joy ?

I mean seeing that there is SOMETHING after death should make us happy to know that even

after we die we can go on living on earth no matter what ? If you thought about that shouldn't it make you WANT to see a ghost ? You can say it's the basic relation we make in our minds of Death = Ghosts and that they have come to kill us. When i have yet to read a Conclusive ghost encounter were someone has even come near to dying.

And of course movies and such add to it as well but even after trying to pprove to a human we won't harm them unprvoked like in the movies, do they still fear us. Here is my theory, Nothing wants to know everything. Now that may sound off topic but give me a second to explain. Though we spend our lives trying to learn everything we possibly can, Yet we don't want to know everything. Where is the excitement in life if we knew everything about everything we knew how we would look when we grew up, 

Who we would marry, what everything was made of, and what happens after we die. STOP.

Rewind, the topic of what happens after death is one of the most disputed constantly discussed topics in the history of humanity. Seeing a ghost, as said before would be conformation of life after death therefore we would know what would happen and have nothing to look forward to. 

Think the main thing you look forward to in life is knowing what happens after death, The satisfaction of knowing you followed the right life style and the right choices and you are rewarded, Because you were right ! YAY I WAS RIGHT ! the greatest satisfaction imagineable, you were right all along. Therefore you get to the very root of human fear, That wanting to know all that is possible but at the same time not wanting to, and animals, being control freaks especially humans who like to think of themselves as in control of everything in their life whether you admit it or not. Like to know we are living for that final satisfaction of you were right ! Fear steams from the possible gaining of knowledge and seeing a were, is the proof that you were wrong about life, weres can be existent and not evil and in most modern cultures weres are extremely not believed in so though we are what we are. 

Fear though it seems like a complex feeling comes down to the two basic human controlling judgements, Right and wrong.

This is my analysis of the roots of fearand what it is too it is liscensed to me and it is mine though it is pretty much everyone elses base description too i just tried to make it a little more obvious hope this helps encourage you to shift ! Now im not saying try to rid yourself of fear because fear is bound to happen anywhere there are two different opinions of the same thing. Thank you and have a good night or day.

This is my theory and what's mine is mine and what it is to. Is nice no ? Anyway it is pretty much

copyrighted to me and if you try and plagarise it I'll rip your face off. JK I don't really care just enjoy reading it. Again this is my opinion and if you have a different one I'd love to hear it so I can expand my own outlook because that's what we are here for is it not ? 

Well that and learning how to shift and socializing with others like us and in some cases just for attention and the fun of roleplaying and saying your some mystical creature with absolutely no backup to prove it. But enough of me turning this into a Roleplayer hate speech and me talking a thousand miles a minute so just ENJOY.

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