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Final destination, uh ? How do you feel ? Excited, scared, dizzy? 

I totally understand. You will now learn what are secrets to shift. Listen CAREFULLY : 


It can't be learned, it is something you are born with and you are actually learning to reach  again, to REACH. Because technically, this is something you already know in your soul, your animal knows how to do it. It was it, the ultimate secret that wasn't one.

Your animal knows by instinct what to do, how to do things, how to shift and be itself. But the only way to reach your animal was to re-bond with it and that's what you did, budd ! Throuh my teaching and i really hope it helped. You already know that but it is SO important, darling.

To rebond with your animal is one BIG IMPORTANT THING to do in order to shift because without doing any efforts to get closer to your animal, nothing will happen. Period.

Be lazy and well..uh, nothing will ever happen to you.

But if you did all I shared with you, you are more than ready to p-shift. Can you talk to your animal side ? I often do and she always does when i expect it the less. 

The trick is to believe and stay open minded. This Earth is so wide and full of mysteries. Therians are one of the mysteries and we are resolving it slowly, together. That's why we are a pack, darling. We are what i call '' post-prehistorical therianthropes ''. Aha. We are one of the first human societies to discover our therianthropy and to try to solve it as a community with no scientific experiences nor proves. 

Our animal is us and our animal we can become, both spiritually AND physically, for most of us. So never loose hope. I saw it, I lived it, physical shifting is damn real but not less scary.

This fear can prevent you to p-shift. You need to trust your animal and to stop doubting shifting is actually not real because it is. Oh damn don't do like me : Loosing years doubting. 

I still regret it but i guess it is a normal life period to go through as a therianthrope. 

To prevent the fear, you need to gain 100000000000000000000 % trust into your animal spirit. Understand  that your animal spirit is you and your are it. It will never do something that could put you in danger nor hurt someone else.

Don't feel to hurt someone if you p-shift. Don' fear to loose your mind when it happens. You will have control if you trust your animal completely. Always. And if you are not ready, well aha , your animal will take your place while you are sleeping and take control itself. Don't worry, you will probably don't remember it before a lil while. 

This is called Night shifting. you fall asleep and BANG it happens but you only know it because of the signs you let in your sleep : fur, saliva, claws on the wall, etc. 

Shifting is something wonderful, but you are a beginner and it takes a lot of energy to p-shift. It renews your body and heal it in  a way but you can't stay in that form for many days, at least, not at the begining. 

And be aware of these animal hunters in the forests, traps are everywhere. Be realistic and carefull, ok ? This is not a game, this is real life and it's not funny. You could die if you  are not careful enough. At my first attempt, i could have killed myself by falling from high distance. 

Oh well that's also the reason why i stopped shifting for a while. My first p-shifting was a total panic. I p-shifted in my sleep ( I remembered my p-shift after almost two years ), saw a girl ghost, paniced, jumped out of the window and ran in the wild as fast as I could. I was not looking carefully and i almost fell from high distance. It is a long story but anyway.

There is a method that i stick to and it's kind of too much simple. 

Oh well, as cheap as it sounds, shifting lurks on how your bond with your animal side is. Shifting is an instinct thing. If you are truly devoted to your animal, to know it better, to switch minds often and wishing so badly to p-shift, then it will happen and you will notice changes on your own.

Example, you are at school and you have a phantom shift. At home, your body feels suddenly terribly wrong, like it wasn't the right one. You feel warm, you have twitches, bone snaps, little pains, urges to act like your animal, to go outside and run in the wild.

There are all results of your progress. And to truly p-shift, I use a method that is clearly radical.

It is quite risky and i,m not responsible for the damages, right  ? And please try it only once you went through all the procedure because you could end up sick.

Ok now the method.

Shifting is in your heart, all you have to do is to get in a comfortable position, the one that your animal feels natural and sleepy, really comfortable. Try to not feel tensed in your muscles. If you are sitting somewhere, be sure there is a chair, wall behind your back. If you 'd be asleep, you are not supposed to fall xD Ok now that you know that, just think of your animal side badly, imagine as if your actual body was not one of a human, but your animal. You are supposed to know how because if you don't, you aren't supposed to be on this page so go back, for god sake, lol.

Just switch minds and let yourself go completely. Try to imagine that your body is changing while you are strongly being your animal. Forget all humanity and let your spirit go, ignore it. You will slowly feel like you are fading away, that's perfect !Just don,t fall asleep, right ? It could happen and you could cancel the shift before it happens.  Imagine your body changing into your animal, imagine it already in the right form, move a bit your muscles, imagine they are animal, your body is changing. Make this phantom shift a full body phantom shift.

And don't worry, when you will start to fade away, keep the focus. Now there is the method, a full one that i use and that works for me. It is the method for a full conscious physical shifting. Good luck !

To be short, this is what will happen in order ( METHOD ) : 

- Clear your mind

- Switch minds

- Relax

- Imagine your body as the animal

- Try to feel and force the changes a bit

- twitches and bone snaps may occur, don't panic

- You will start to fade away from your body, like a weird dizziness that will make your feel far from your body. you will know what i mean.

- keep the focus of you being your animal, convince yourself as if your life was depending on it

- you want it so badly, believe and have a strong will, endure !

- you will come back from this fading as fast as you went away because you'll get scared the first few times, don,t give up

- your heart beat will raise really fast and you will feel warm. try to relax because if you don't, you may puke or get fever. if it happens, take a step back and relax. 

- when you will be able to fade away completely without getting scared, it will happen on its own.

if everything works, you will p-shift after many attempts.

It might take weeks, so don't worry if it doesn't work. It takes practice.


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