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Brain and shifting

Well now I will explore the anatomy and functions of the most astounding of all the bodies internal or external organs, The Brain.

As most well people know the brain is the center of the nervous system in our bodies or indeed in all living creatures body. Nothing could survive without some sort of brain in any shape or form.

The Brain controls everything we do as well as containing our personallities. The Brain is most

definitely the center of everything in our own respective universes. But most of us already knew

that so know onto the main point of my forum.

The Brain and shifting. The brain once again plays the most important part in shifting. Wether

it's developing our m-shift within the brain or using your imagination to help well actually control

the p-shifting. Speaking as a size comparison of brains the Blue Whales brain remains the largest at well over 500 kilograms but the humans brain is the largest in proportionality to the size of the body. 

Humans though we have such large brains use only 10% of the brain a truly amazing fact when you think of everything you do and think about fits 10%. what is the other 90% there for then ? If the theory of evolution is correct in that all animals evolve to only what is needed for survival why wouldnt it do away with that troublesome 90% of extra weight to lug around in our heads? My theory is that most weres here say you are born a were. Some extra particle of DNA you were given allows you to shapeshift or shift under the full moon or whatever you believe.

Maybe this DNA unlocks a part of that 90% unused brain and enables us to shift ? That's what i think.

Maybe all people can shapeshift but just can't unlock that 90% because their dna doesn't allow them.

In that way maybe we are sole examples of an advanced race of humans that can shift and the rest of humanity is waiting for evolution to unlock it for them. Now by advanced i do not mean superior. There is a DIFFERENCE between advanced and superior, advanced as in have more or different abilities than theirs does not mean we are better then them who knows evolution has sometimes made creatures weaker look at the wooly mammoth and sabre tooth tiger. For all i know we could be the inferior ones and they could be superior. But anyway what im trying to say is our brains have a capability unlike theirs were i think we have unlocked part of that 90% say 4% more of it who knows what powers the rest of it holds.

Main argument against shifting and brains slash organs. How can you shift into a wolf with considerably smaller internal organs? well if we shift into a wolf the same size as our human form then we would have plenty of room for the organs. Argument : I suppose that works for all the other organs but what of the brain which is considerably larger proportionatly then a wolfs ? Well Like i said 90% is unused so it could condense down into a smaller version or maybe our heads would be slighty larger unfortunatly im not sure about it but i know we can shift.

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